Fenrir Head Bracelet




Fenrir Head Bracelet

The Scandinavians have an unprecedented cult for wolves. These animals had a very important place in Norse mythology and many of their figures were represented as large wolves! We are delighted to offer you our new exclusive Fenrir Head bracelet.

Created from a genuine leather of excellent quality, our wolf head bracelet is handcrafted to ensure the best possible finish. The spirit of the Vikings flows through this bracelet, so enjoy it in a style that is as manly as it is chic! Fenrir has only to be careful!


Specifications :

  • Material : Stainless steel
  • Bracelet sizes:  19cm ; 7 / 21cm ; 8 / 23cm ; 9
  • Handmade by our craftsmen

Shipping information :

Processing time take 1 to 3 days. Items are sent from our Warehouse in US.

Shipping in U.S1 – 2 weeks

International Shipping1 – 4 weeks

Tracking number included