Viking Warrior Necklace




Viking Warrior Necklace

Viking warriors have long been respected for their courage, strength and extraordinary skills. In many depictions, Vikings can be seen as fierce warriors holding an axe and a round shield.

Not only did they possess an adventurous spirit, but they were also seekers of knowledge. The Vikings were brutal and furious in battle; however, they lived a normal, peaceful life with their families and animals.

Our Viking Warrior Necklace is definitely the recommended accessory for those who want to let the Viking spirit guide them to a better life.


Specifications :

  • Material : Stainless steel
  • Chain sizes: : 50cm ; 19 / 70cm ; 27
  • Handmade by our craftsmen

Shipping information :

Processing time take 1 to 3 days. Items are sent from our Warehouse in US.

Shipping in U.S1 – 2 weeks

International Shipping1 – 4 weeks

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