Viking Horn Cups




Drinking Horn

A true Viking must have his drinking horn to hydrate himself. Fill it to the brim and enjoy your drink, be it wine or beer!

The English novel “King Horn” describes that at the time, at the time of her wedding, the daughter of a king had given some of her drink to a beggar in a bowl. The drinking horn was intended for a high social status.

This object is made entirely by hand by our craftsmen. That is why there are variations in size, color and shape every time.


Specifications :

  • Material: Ox Baffalo Horn
  • Capacty: 301-400ml ; 10oz-13oz / 401-500ml ; 13oz-16oz
  • Height: Approx. 16cm / 6.29inch
  • Weight: 400g / 0.88lbs
  • Handcraft by our craftsmen

Shipping information :

Processing time take 1 to 3 days. Items are sent from our Warehouse in US.

Shipping in U.S : 1 – 3 weeks

International Shipping : 1 – 4 weeks

Tracking number included