Fenrir Necklace




Fenrir Necklace

We know that the Vikings were fond of necklaces around their necks. And when we know their taste for fierce and powerful animals, we can only admire this Fenrir necklace. In addition to being a perfect decorative item, display your faith in the Nordic culture by wearing such a piece of jewelry.

You can also show your status to the people around you. After all, not everyone can be a true Viking! Trim your best beard, put on your necklace and be sure of your strength!


Specifications :

  • Material : Stainless steel
  • Chain sizes: : 50cm ; 19 / 60cm ; 23 / 70cm ; 27
  • Handmade by our craftsmen

Shipping information :

Processing time take 1 to 3 days. Items are sent from our Warehouse in US.

Shipping in U.S1 – 2 weeks

International Shipping1 – 4 weeks

Tracking number included